Wyvern Data Protection

No Tracking

Ghost Track values your privacy. We do not collect any data on our website or community forums, and we do not use cookies or any other data-tracking technology.

Player Data Collection

Wyvern collects data about your character as you play the game, including things like:

We collect this information for achievements, trophies, leaderboards, bug tracking, and other game-related functionality.

We collect communications to help resolve disputes, and in case we are audited. We do not tolerate any forms of hate speech, abuse, toxicity, or other bad behavior, and the logs can help us determine whether someone has violated our Terms of Service.

We will never share any of the data that we collect with third parties. We only use the data that we collect to enhance your gaming experience in Wyvern.

Personal Data

We require you to log in to Wyvern with a third-party authentication provider. We support several providers, such as Sign in with Apple, Sign in with Google, Facebook Login, Steam Sign-In.

We do not currently use any features from these providers other than verifying your identity, to keep your account secure from bots, hackers, and other attempts to impersonate you.

The only personal data we collect and store is your email address, or for Steam-only players, your Steam ID.

We store your email in our database, but it is hidden from other players and even from moderators. We may occasionally send out our own marketing or communication emails, although this has been rare, and we offer opt-out to unsubscribe.

We will NEVER share your email or Steam ID with a third-party. We only use it for communication—most of the time, to help you when you need assistance with your character.

Data Removal

You can request to have your data removed by emailing us at support@ghosttrack.com. We will remove it with no questions asked—this deletes all your characters, maps, and database entries, and leaves no personally-identifiable trace of you in our system.