Wyvern Custom Images

If you attain 25th level ("Hall of Fame"), you become eligible to have a custom image for your Hall of Fame character.

In certain other situations, you may be eligible even if you are not 25th level. In particular, if you are an old-time player (pre-2015) who had previously attained 25th level, you will still be allowed a Hall of Fame image. We may also provide a mechanism for purchasing eligibility in-game, for example with coins or crowns.

Note that you can also submit custom images for your Portable Balloon -- see the Balloon Rules below.

In order to have a custom image for your character, first you must obtain one — either by drawing it yourself, or by finding an artist who can do it for you. You may be lucky enough to have an artist friend willing to do it for you, but if not, you can use a contracting service such as Upwork to find a pixel artist willing to create the image to your specifications.

Ghost Track Inc. does not, in general, provide custom images for players. Neither do we give out information about our own contract artists -- however, you may find some artists who are familiar with Wyvern and its style on Upwork.com or a similar site.

Your custom Image MUST adhere to the specifications below, or we will not accept it. Pay close attention, as every detail matters. If you have an artist creating the Image, you hereby agree that you shall show them the terms and conditions set forth on this page. You additionally agree that the Image created for you shall be assignable to Ghost Track in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth below.

Wyvern Custom Image Specifications and Terms

By having the opportunity to submit a custom image for your “Hall of Fame” status, you hereby agree that your custom image (the “Image”) will adhere to the terms and conditions set forth below and you agree that you have read, voluntarily agree with and understand the following terms and conditions:

Process Overview

Following is a brief overview of the process, once you send in a custom image.

Note: NO .rar FILES! We will not accept images in RAR format. See below.

  1. You procure a custom image that meets all the requirements on this page.
  2. We review your image to ensure that it meets the rules and guidelines above. If we reject it, you can fix it and resubmit it.
  3. If we accept it, your image goes into a queue, waiting for upload.
  4. About once a week, we upload all the pending images to the server.
  5. After your image is uploaded, Rhialto can set the image on your character. You must be logged in to get your image set, so that we can preview it to make sure it is working.

Ghost Track Inc. does not make any guarantees about how soon your image will be available after we accept it.

Image Specifications

In addition to following the rules and guidelines above, your custom image MUST adhere to these requirements or we will reject it.

Image Format

We accept only PNG images. They should be full color: 24 or 32 bits per pixel with an alpha channel.

Image Size

Your image MUST be a multiple of 32x32 pixels. A 32x32 image is called a "tile" in Wyvern parlance, and your image must be an even number of tiles, according to the following table:

Race/form Tile size
Giants (large form) 1x2 tiles (32x64 pixels)
Giants (shrunken form) 1 tile (32x32 pixels)
Naga north/south images 1x2 tiles (32x64 pixels)
Naga east/west images 2x1 tiles (64x32 pixels)
All others 1 tile (32x32 pixels)

Giants are the only race that requires at least 8 images for a full set. See the naming conventions below for more details.

Image Directions

Every Wyvern custom image must have four directions:

The four directions must end in ".N.png", ".S.png", ".E.png", and ".W.png", respectively. If your image is animated, then the directions end in ".N1.png", ".N2.png", ".S1.png", ".S2.png", etc. There are examples below.

Each direction (and animation frame, if applicable) MUST be in a separate image file with the appropriate name. Do not send in a single image containing all of your directions.


Your image must have reasonable-looking, partly transparent shadows. The lighting should be above and left of the viewer, so the shadow should extend diagonally upwards to the right.

Shadows should not be dithered. If you have an old (pre-2011) image, we strongly encourage you to find an artist who can fix the dithered shadow and use transparency instead.

Animated Images

You are permitted to have an animated image with up to a total of 3 animation frames. You must provide a full set of directions for each animation frame. Giants must have the same number of animation frames for both their large and small image sets. See the examples below.

Note that we ONLY support animation at a rate of 1 frame per second.

Diagonal Images

Although it is somewhat uncommon, we do support images with the four diagonal directions: NW (northwest), NE (northeast), SE (southeast), SW (southwest). If you decide to include diagonal directions, then each complete frame set for your custom image must include all eight directions. See the examples below.

Giant Images

All giants must provide two sets of images: a large set and a small set. Their base names must use "_giant" and "_dwarf". For instance, if your giant's name is Mochi, then your image names would be:

Naming Conventions

It is absolutely critical that you follow the naming conventions. We will reject any submissions that do not follow the conventions precisely.

Each frame of your custom image is a separate PNG image. Its name is constructed using a base name and a suffix.

The base name of each directional frame should be your lowercased player name. If you are a giant, then you should append "_giant" or "_dwarf" to the name to complete its base name — see above for an example.

The suffix for your image consists of a dot ("."), a capitalized direction letter, an optional animation frame number if your image is animated, and then ".png".


Non-animated, "normal" custom image

The most common scenario is a non-Giant, non-Naga player with four directions. For instance, here are the frames for Mungmaster's image:

Note that for non-animated images, there are no numbers in the image name. You only need to include frame numbers for animated images; see the examples below.

8-direction, non-animated custom image

Rhialto's image is a good example of an 8-direction image. Ignore the names in the URL — this list shows the correct names for the image frames.

Custom image with 2 animation frames total

Jokkah's image has 2 animation frames total. He has 4 directions, so there are a total of 8 frames for the custom image:

Custom image with 3 animation frames total

Todin's image has 3 animation frames total — the most we allow. Hence his custom image has a total of 12 frames (3 per each of 4 directions):

Custom non-animated Giant image

Dioxide's image is a good example of a giant. You must provide a total of 8 image files for each animation frame. Since Dioxide's image is not animated, he has 8 frames:

Custom non-animated Naga image

Naga images are fairly ordinary — the only thing special about them is that half the frames are horizontal and the other half are vertical. Azshara's image files, for instance:

Largest Possible Example

The largest possible frame set would be an 8-direction giant with 3 animation frames. This scenario would require a total of 48 images. Assuming the giant's name is Mochi, the frames would be:

This would probably be very expensive, but you are welcome to do it.

Portable Balloon Images

If you purchase a Portable Balloon at the prize vendor machine, you become eligible to submit a custom image set for the balloon. This image set is subject to the Wyvern Custom Image Specifications and Terms outlined above.

A Portable Balloon custom image set must contain exactly 4 images:

balloon icon landed balloon rising balloon flying balloon
  1. balloon_icon.png, which must be 32x32 pixels. It is used for the portable balloon in your inventory. It is a tiny version of your balloon.
  2. balloon.png, which must be 32x64 pixels. It should be on the ground.
  3. balloon2.png, which must be 32x96 pixels. It should be midway vertically between landed and flying.
  4. balloon3.png, which must be 32x96 pixels. It should be flying.

The image set must look like a balloon, with a shadow, and should be done in good taste.

The images MUST use the exact names above: balloon_icon.png, balloon.png, balloon2.png, and balloon3.png. They must be all lowercase with no additional spaces or characters. Do not call them "balloon.png.png" as many people do, for some reason.

Each image in the set MUST be a separate .png file. Do not make one .png with all four images in it.

Double-check the sizes before submitting. balloon.png is shorter than balloon2.png and balloon3.png.

You MUST provide all four images in a zip file containing just those four files. They should not be in a sub-folder - they must be in the top level of the zip file.

In general, it is a good idea to send a draft or sketch of your balloon for approval before you finish all four images for submission.